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Fitness Programs at DeBordieu



FITNESS AGE REQUIREMENTS: Fitness facilities are for members and their guests age 15 & up. Children aged 15-17 must be supervised by an adult.


Want the specific type of training at the intensity level that’s just right for you?  Want to learn how to correctly use and adjust the gym equipment?  Schedule a Personal Training session with a Club approved Personal Trainer.  Personal Training is available by appointment only. Click below to learn more about Personal Training services.  

Personal Training


Cost per Fitness Class 
$8 per person/class 
*Daily Guest Fee:

  • Accompanied guest fee (with member present) - $12
  • Unaccompanied guest fee - $15 

*Daily guest fee includes Gym access and participation in one same day Fitness class.  Each additional class is $8 per person. Presenting a Guest Account ID Card will expedite check-in.  MasterCard and Visa are also accepted. No cash or checks.

Come work out with our instructors!

No sign up required to attend classes in the Fitness Studio.  Please bring only water in a spill-proof container, a large beach/yoga towel, and a yoga mat, if you have one. PLEASE NOTE: Black-soled shoes are not permitted in the Fitness Studio. The Club sponsored programs will have priority in scheduling use of the facilities and only Club approved Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors are allowed. 

Caraline Annichiarico taught classes and camps at DeBordieu last summer and has returned to offer these additional programs for our members and guests.  Please feel free to contact Caraline with any questions about Cardio Fit, Couples Dance Night, Fast Feet & Tuesday’s Barre class. 
Email her at or call (201)316-4497.

  • Cardio Fit (Men & Women): Low-impact aerobic exercises that tone, strengthen, and rejuvenate your body.
  • Barre (Tuesdays): Uses the ballet barre for a complete body workout to strengthen and stretch muscles for long and lean results. 
  • Fast Feet: Improve your tennis game, increase your speed, and gain agility through fitness drills and stretches. 
  • Couples Dance Night: Bring a partner and enjoy learning a variety of social dances as a fun aerobic activity. Wear comfortable sneakers & clothing.  (Black-soled shoes not permitted.)


MONDAYS: (Caraline will fill in for Andrea on Jan. 22)
(Facility is CLOSED on Feb. 19)
Cardio Fit (Men & Women) 7:45-8:45 AM
Men’s Yoga 9-10 AM
Body Pump 10:15-11:15 AM

Fitness at the Dieu Aerobics  8-9 AM 
Pilates Mat Class 9:15-10:15 AM  
Barre 10:30-11:30 AM

Men’s Yoga  9-10 AM                           
Strong & Balance  10:15—11:15 AM (Caraline will fill in for Andrea on Jan. 24)
Fast Feet 4-5 PM
Couples Dance Night 5:30-6:30 PM 

Cardio Fit (Men & Women) 8-9 AM
Pilates Mat Class 9:15-10:15 AM 

Mind & Body Yoga (Men & Women) 9-10 AM
Barre Fitness 10:15-11:15 AM (Caraline will fill in for Andrea on Jan. 26)

SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS: No Classes currently offered. 

"Quick Reference"
General Class Schedule
Class Days Start Times
Mon. Only 7:45 AM
M, W, F 9 AM &
10:15 AM
Tu, Th 8 AM &
9:15 AM
Barre Fitness (Fridays): A creative workout which combines the precision of Pilates, alignment of yoga with grace and technique. Add the aesthetic benefits of lengthening muscles, while strengthening them through sports conditioning using light weights, bands and balls.  Barre allows you to reclaim focus as you go through your workout – armed (with well-defined arms we might add) to face the rest of your day calmly, confidently, health-fully.
Body Pump: This full body workout emphasizes low-impact aerobics, balance, and strength. Its goal is mainly to build muscle, strength and burn fat.

Fitness at the Dieu Aerobics: Higher Impact Aerobics class using dumbbells, weighted bars, stability balls and resistance bands. This class is always different. We do circuit training, toning exercises, body weight exercises, core work, etc. 
Men’s Yoga: Designed to increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, and improve balance and focus.
Mind & Body Yoga for Men & Women: Mind/Body exercises that build strength in the core, back, hips and thighs, increase flexibility, and improve posture.

Pilates Mat Class:
An exercise class that focuses on developing core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. We will also work on breathing patterns and spinal alignment while engaging the deep muscles of the core. No previous experience necessary. Come join me for a great experience. 
Strong & Balanced: Intervals of low-impact cardio, muscle strengthening with free weights, and practices designed to promote balance.
If you have any questions about fitness classes, please contact:
  • Caraline Annichiarico at or (201)316-4497 about Barre, Cardio Fit, Couples Dance, and Fast Feet
  • Helene Aulisio at or (443) 624-7622 about Personal Training by appointment.
  • Andrea Pecunes at or (410) 952-9848 about Barre Fitness, Body Pump, Men’s Yoga, Mind & Body Yoga, Strong & Balanced & Personal Training by appointment.
  • Heather Pelham at or (843) 318-4930 about Fitness at the Dieu-Aerobics
  • Susie Stalvey at or (843) 602-1490 about Pilates Mat Class