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Tennis Rules, Rates & Hours

Court Reservations

We strongly encourage players to call the tennis shop to reserve courts well in advance to provide contact information should reservations need to canceled or postponed due to limited registration or changing weather/court conditions. Please assist our efforts to provide the best tennis experience possible by reserving courts in advance.

Court Conditions

The weather can greatly affect the condition and play-ability of our clay courts. It is essential that players are signed up for programs and courts in advance so that the tennis staff can contact you with information about the court conditions or program cancellations. Player safety is always our top priority.

Tennis Rules

Proper Tennis Attire

Members and guests are expected to wear appropriate tennis attire when playing or practicing tennis at the Club. All white attire is not required. No cutoffs or jeans are allowed. Tennis shirts shall be worn at all times. 

The Tennis Shop has a selection of ladies' and men's tennis clothing and shoes.

Tennis Shoes

Appropriate tennis shoes with non-marking soles are required (no cross-trainers or running shoes) for clay court play. Cross-trainers are acceptable for hard courts only.

Cell Phone Policy

Usage of cell phones is strictly prohibited at the Tennis facilities except in the case of an emergency. It is acceptable to use a cell phone in the parking area or in the locker rooms. If a member or guest has a cell phone at the Tennis & Fitness Club, it must be off or on Silent/Vibrate mode.  

Tennis Rates

Purchases and Payments

Purchases and payments can be made using a Member/Guest account or with a MasterCard and Visa credit card.  The Club does not accept Cash or Checks.

Playing Fees

$12/day Accompanied Guest playing with a member present
$15/day Lease/Unaccompanied Guest
$15/day Beach Social Members

Private Tennis Lessons

Our certified Tennis Pros have flexibility in their schedule to accommodate requests for private lessons throughout the day.  Please schedule your lesson in advance so that we are appropriately staffed to meet the demand.

Lessons with the Director of Tennis -
Rick Martin- 

  Member Guest
1 Hour $65 $70
½ Hour $35 $40

Lessons with the Assistant Professional-
Matt Mitchell-

  Member Guest
1 Hour $60 $65
½ Hour $30 $35

Racquet Service Center

The Pro Shop staff is available to evaluate your racquet and strings. As a full-service Pro Shop, we guarantee racquet stringing in 24 hours. If you haven’t played tennis much in the last year, it’s suggested to replace both your grip and string. As a general rule, you should get your racquet restrung during the season as many times as you play per week.

$10 + cost of string Stringing Labor
$15 With your string

Demo and Racquet Rental Fees

Fees can apply toward the purchase of the racquet, Racquet must be returned to the Tennis Shop before 5 PM or you will be charged an additional day.

$5 Per day with on-site use
$10 Per day with off-site use; limited to one racquet

Ball Machine

Ball machines sometimes make the best opponents: tireless, precise and robotic. Practice your shots by renting our unit during Shop hours. We offer yearly ball machine memberships and rental by the hour.

Rental fee per hour $25/members
Rental fee per hour $30/non-member & guests
Yearly Memberships: (Year runs January -December or pro-rated quarterly)
Family $250/yr (best value)
Individual $200/yr

Tennis & Fitness Shop Hours

Courts open daily at 9 AM,
weather permitting.
The Tennis & Fitness Club will close in observance of national holidays.
Monday -
6 AM-6 PM
Friday 6 AM-5 PM
Saturday 8 AM-5 PM
Sunday 10 AM-5 PM

Please email or call (843) 546-9408 for more information.