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Dining Dress Codes

The Dress Code is mandatory for all members, family members and guests. It is the members responsibility to ensure that they and their family members/ guests are following the dress code. The staff reserves the right to ask members and guests to change if they feel that the person is not abiding by the dress code. All dress codes apply to children as well. Please understand that the dress codes are in place to ensure we are able to provide quality service for all to enjoy. Members and guests, please review the Dress Code policy for the Club’s dining locations.  If you have questions regarding the Dress Code policy, please contact Dori Laffin, Office Manager, at (843) 527-6020.

Beach Club: 

Appropriate attire includes: Collared shirts are appropriate and must be tucked in, unless the apparel is designed to be worn untucked. Jackets are not required. Dress slacks and dress denim (without holes/tears/rips and in good condition). Long pants are preferred but not required. All hats must be removed before entering. Shoes are required at all times.

Inappropriate attire includes: Collarless shirts, swim attire, athletic attire, cut offs, tee shirts and sweatpants. No exposed undergarments at any time.
Appropriate attire includes: Dresses, slacks, dress denim (without holes/ tears/ rips and in good condition), shorts/skirts no shorter than 5 inches above the knee. Shoes are required at all times.

Inappropriate attire includes: Halter tops, fish-net tops, bra shirts, swim attire, athletic attire, sweatpants, cut offs or shorts shorter than 5 inches above the knee. No exposed undergarments at any time.

Marsh Grille/ Turn Room/ Porch: 

For Lunch, Dinner and Beverage services in the Marsh Grille, Turn Room, Card Rooms and Porch, casual sports attire (golf and tennis) and denim are allowed. Shoes must be worn at all times. Bathing suits/coverups are not allowed in the Marsh Grille or on the Porch. Men must remove hats in the Clubhouse dining area. The same dress code applies to children.

Blue Heron/ Gazebo Bar: 

Appropriate attire for Gentleman/boys would include a shirt.
Appropriate attire for Ladies/girls would be a beach coverup or shorts/shirt.
Appropriate attire is strongly preferred during the day; However, it becomes Mandatory after 6 PM.


These same dress codes apply to the children.