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DeBordieu Golf Rules, Rates & Hours

(Members wishing to be added to Foretees should contact Matt Williams at mattwilliams@pga.com.)

Golf Rules

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  1. The rules of golf as adopted and interpreted by the United States Golf Association (USGA) shall apply as modified by local rules.
  2. All members and guests must register in the Golf Shop before beginning play. Failure to check in and register ten (10) minutes before the reserved starting time could result in cancellation or set back of starting time.
  3. All players must start from the first tee unless otherwise permitted by the Golf Professional. Under no circumstances are players’ permitted to start play from residences. “Cutting-in” is not permitted at any time.
  4. Practice is not allowed on the golf course property. The practice range and the practice greens should be used for all practice.
  5. Each player must have his or her own set of clubs. Rentals sets are available in the Golf shop.
  6. The use of personal beverage/food coolers is strictly prohibited. Small beverage coolers are located on the golf carts.
  7. In order to provide the utmost playing pleasure for all members, the club reserves the right, from time to time, to establish rules governing access and starting times with respect to the golf course. Any such rules shall be applied on a fair and equitable basis so as not to discriminate against any member.

Golf Starting Times

  1. All players must secure a starting time through the Golf Shop. The names of all players are required prior to play.
  2. Each membership may be used to acquire two (2) starting times per day. Lease guest may secure a starting time after twelve (12) noon on Saturdays and holidays. On other days, guest will be given tee times when available. Any special requests for starting times must be submitted in writing to the Golf Committee Chairperson. After approval of the special request, the Golf Committee Chairperson will submit it to the Golf Professional to schedule the starting time.
  3. Reservation policy for starting times:
    Golf Member 30 days in advance
    Sports Member 10 days in advance
    Tennis Member 10 days in advance
    Beach Social Member 10 days in advance
  4. Tennis Memberships and Beach Social Memberships shall be permitted only (6) starting times during any membership year.
  5. Twosomes or threesomes may play at the discretion of the Golf Shop if space is available. Twosomes or threesomes should not expect to play through foursomes and shall not exert any pressure on the groups ahead.
  6. Twosomes and singles may be grouped with other players, if available, and at starting times determined by the Golf Shop. Singles may not reserve starting times. If you do not provide the Golf Shop with all of the participant’s names when making a tee time, the golf shop is authorized to pair up twosome and singles.
  7. Please notify the Golf Shop of any cancellation as soon as possible. Players who fail to cancel their tee time(s) two hour prior to their schedule tee time will be charged a fee equal to a golf cart fee for each person.
  8. Groups of five (5) or more players shall not be allowed on the golf course at any time without the permission of the Golf Shop.
  9. The Golf Shop should not give out starting times, which interfere with the DeBordieu Men’s Golf Association (DMGA) or the DeBordieu Ladies Golf Association (DLGA) events.
  10. During peak periods of play, Golf Professional may require all persons under the age of sixteen (16) to play golf with an adult.
  11. Members are responsible for signing all charge slips for greens fees, cart fees, etc. in the Golf Shop.
  12. The Golf Committee must approve all tournaments in advance.
  13. The Golf Shop, practice facility, and golf course are closed on Mondays.

Replay Policy

Replay rounds can be book on the same day of play. Early booking of replays will only be done with permission from the Golf Committee or at the Golf Professionals discretion.

Guest Play

  1. Accompanied guest enjoy the same privileges as the member in relation to golf play and Club privileges while accompanied by the member.
  2. Unaccompanied guests of a member enjoy the same privileges as the member in regards to the golf course and club facility with the exception that they may not secure a starting time until after 12:00 noon on Saturdays or holidays. Special exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Golf Chairman and Golf Professional.
  3. Lease guests may secure a starting time after 12:00 noon on Saturdays or holidays. On other days they will be given tee times as available.

Rain Check Policy

When rain causes termination of play:
  1. A credit for that day’s green fee and golf cart fees will be prorated by the number of holes played; and It will be the sole responsibility of the player to apply for a rain check from the Golf Shop.

Dress Code

For DeBordieu Driving Range Putting Green & Golf Course


Appropriate attire includes:  Shirts with collars or specific golf sleeveless or collarless shirts are appropriate.  Dresses, slacks, and skirts/shorts must be no shorter than 5 inches above the knee.  Shoes must be worn at all times.  
Inappropriate Attire includes:  Halter Tops, tee-shirts, fish-net tops, swim attire, cargo shorts, flip-flops, bra shirts, sweat pants, denim, tennis dresses, athletic shorts, cut offs, short shorts (no less than 5 inches above the knee), and no exposed under garments are allowed at any time.


Appropriate attire includes:  Shirts with collars and sleeves are appropriate.  Shirts must be tucked in unless the golf apparel is designed to be worn untucked.  Slacks or shorts must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee.  Hats must be worn in a traditional manner, facing forward, and must be removed in all dining facilities.  Shoes must be worn at all times.  Mock turtleneck shirts are allowed.  This is a shirt that is without a traditional collar but differs from a tee-shirt.  
Inappropriate attire includes:  Tank tops, tee-shirts, fish-net tops, cutt offs, cargo shorts, flip-flops, sweat pants, warm-up suits, denim, tennis shorts/short shorts, swim attire, athletic shorts, and exposed under garments are not allowed at any time.

Driving Range

  1. Any player using the driving range or putting green must be in proper golf attire. Those using the driving range must pay the necessary daily usage fees.
  2. The driving range is open during normal operating hours. Any changes of hours will be posted in the Golf Shop.
  3. Range balls are for use on the driving range only. Range balls are not permitted to be used on the golf course.
  4. Balls must be hit from designated areas only. No hitting is permitted from the rough or sides of the driving range.

Golf Cart Rules

  1. A member or guest on Club property shall not use club golf carts without proper registration in the Golf Shop.
  2. Each operator of a golf cart must be at least (16) years of age and have a valid automobile driver’s license.
  3. No person under the age of (6) shall be permitted to ride in a golf cart unless accompanied by a parent or another adult.
  4. Golf carts are not to be used off the golf course.
  5. No more than two people and more than two sets of clubs per golf cart are permitted. Four bags are permitted when the Four Bagger attachment is used.
  6. Obey all golf cart traffic signs.
  7. Always use the cart paths where provided, especially near tees and greens. Players are required to remain on golf cart paths, without exception, on Par 3 holes.
  8. Never drive a golf cart through a hazard and always park golf carts on the golf cart paths, never on the grass around tees and greens. When stopping on a cart path make sure all four wheels are on the path.
  9. Be careful to avoid soft areas on fairways, especially after rains.
  10. Members will be responsible for any and all damages to their and their guests’ assigned golf carts and to damage to any other golf carts. Damages must be reported to the Golf Shop immediately upon completion of play.
  11. When the “carts on path only” signs are posted, they must be strictly followed.
  12. “Course closed” or “holed closed” signs are to be adhered to without exception.
  13. Private golf carts and private push carts may not be used for play on the golf course.
  14. For safety reasons and proper etiquette, during golfing hours it is not permissable to walk, jog, bicycle, or drive personal carts on the golf course or golf course cart paths.  Golf course hours are from 7:30 AM until dark Tuesday - Sunday.
  15. Failure to operate golf carts in accordance with the above regulation and additional posted rules and signs may result in suspension of  privileges.
  16. Handicap flags are available by request in the DeBordieu Golf Shop.  Handicap flags may be issued to persons in great physical need.  If there is not an obvious need for the handicap flag, the Professional staff may require Golf Committee approval for an individual's future use of the flag.  The person using the handicap flag is permitted to drive their golf cart within 20 paces from the edge of any green.  The flag holder must always stay on the path around all teeing areas and all par 3's.  When the golf course maintenance staff has established a cart path only policy, handicap flags will not be permitted.


  1. Handicaps are computed under the supervision of the Golf Professional in accordance with the current USGA Handicap System.
  2. If you keep and active handicap here at DeBordieu you are required to post all scores for each round played (Home or Away). The Golf Professional and Handicap Chairman will determine if there are any violations by members in posting their scores. If there are violations, the Golf Professional will assign to the player a score of two (2) strokes lower than the lowest score on the computer sheet and shall continue to do so as long as these violations occur.

Course Etiquette and Pace of Play

Persons using the golf course should do their part to make a round of golf at DeBordieu a pleasant experience for everyone. Here are some suggestions:
  1. Do not waste time Anticipate the clubs or clubs you may need and go directly to your ball. Always be near your ball to play promptly when it is your turn. If a player is delaying in making his/her shot, that player should indicate to another player in the party to play. That would not be considered “playing out of turn”.
  2. Groups that fail to maintain the required pace of play of 4 Hours (carts on fairways) or 4½ Hours (cart path only) and fall more than one hole behind the group in front of them are required to let any waiting groups play through. The Golf Shop has the discretion to enforce all pace of play policies and can even have slower moving groups skip holes in order to get rounds back on pace.
  3. All players who stop after playing nine (9) holes for any reason must occupy the next tee before the following players arrive at the tee or lose their position on the golf course.
  4. Golf rangers or members of the Golf Shop staff may be on duty to help regulate play and enforce pace of play rules. The golf rangers have full authority on the golf course to enforce all rules and speed of play. Your cooperation is appreciated.


  1. Walking and/or the use of push carts will be at the discretion of the Golf Shop. Please do not expect to walk during busy days, holidays, or holiday weekends.
  2. Walking and/or the use of push carts is more likely to be allowed on slower days and later in the afternoon.
*Push carts can be rented from the Golf shop. We refer to our push cart by the name, “speed cart”.*

Inclement Weather

If lightning is in the area, all play shall cease. If you refuse to come in during lightning, you are at your own risk.

After Hours

  1. Members’ golf carts, bicycles, roller blades, etc. are not permitted on the golf cart paths during playing hours.
  2. Fishing in ponds is prohibited from any area directly adjacent to a golf hole.
  3. Members may retrieve golf balls in the early morning and late evening with a simple ball retriever (one ball at a time). However, larger retrievers, which can collect more than one ball at a time, are prohibited.

Golf Rates & Fees

2020 Players Fees

January - December

$14 (9) / $20 (18)               Golf Members
$38 (9) / $64.50 (18)               Sports, Tennis, Beach Members
Above prices include greens fee, golf cart and range balls
Member Replay Fees
$7 (9) / $10 (18)                    Golf Members
$19 (9) / $32.25 (18)                    Sports, Tennis, Beach Members
Above prices include greens fee, golf cart and range balls
Guest Fees
$50 (9) / $80 (18)                             Accompanied Guest Fees                  
$75 (9) / $130 (18)            Unnaccompanied Guest and Lease Guest Fees
$25 (9) / $40 (18)                 Junior Guest Fees (17 yrs and under)
  Above Fees include greens fee, golf cart and range balls

2020 Lesson Rates

Video/Launch Monitor Lesson with a PGA Professional

$70 1 hour
$40 1/2 hour

Lesson with a PGA Professional

$50 1 hour
$30 1/2 hour

Video/Launch Monitor Junior Lesson with a PGA Professional

$40 1 hour
$30 1/2 hour

Junior Lesson with a PGA Professional

$30 1 hour
$20 1/2 hour

Playing Lesson with a PGA Professional

$70 + golf fees 9 Holes
$120 + golf fees 18 Holes

Packages (with video)

$300 ($50 Savings) 5 hours
$700 ($210 Savings) 13 hours

Unlimited Coaching Package

$2500 (Must book inside 24 hours, Breakeven = 36) 1 Year

Packages (no video)

$200 ($50 Savings) 5 hours
$500 ($150 Savings) 13 hours

2020 Golf Shop Hours:

Jan. 1st- Mar. 7th

7 AM - 5 PM

Mar. 8th - Oct. 31st 
7 AM - 6 PM

Nov. 1st - Dec. 31st
7 AM - 5 PM

The Golf Shop and Golf Course are CLOSED on Mondays.  
On Mondays, the Practice Range is open from 1 PM to 6 PM.

Tee times begin at 8 AM; Range opens at 7:15 AM until dark.