DeBordieu Club's Guest Account Application

PLEASE NOTE: Guest accounts are the only form of payment accepted at DeBordieu Club.

Leased Guest Accounts & Fees:

Leased/Rental Guests have the ability to apply for temporary Club membership to utilize DeBordieu Club facilities during their stay in DeBordieu Colony. A $200 daily Amenity Fee will be billed and paid prior to the guests arrival in order to have access to DeBordieu Club during their visit. 

Lease guests privileges depend on the type of membership associated with the home you are renting. DeBordieu Club facilities include golf, tennis, fitness, pools and dining facilities. The home must Golf or Sports membership for guests to be able to utilize the Golf course. The home must have a Golf, Sports or Tennis membership for guests to be able to utilize the Tennis courts. In addition to the daily amenity fee, guest fees apply at the Golf, Tennis & Fitness center. 

If the guest opts out of the daily amenity fee, they will not be able to apply for temporary membership accounts or utilize any Club facilities.  

To apply for guest membership privileges at DeBordieu Club facilities, please complete the application below and submit at least 14 days prior to your arrival date. A member of the Club staff will contact you prior to your arrival to arrange payment.

Guest privileges may be denied, withdrawn or revoked at any time for reasons considered sufficient by the Board of Governors in its sole and absolute discretion.

Guest ID Cards:

Upon approval, your Guest ID Cards will be emailed to you to print and distribute to whomever you allow to charge to your account.

For more information about DeBordieu Club guest accounts, please call (843) 527-6020.

This number is provided by your rental agency.
Only one guest account is needed per family if everyone is billing to the same account.
Guest's E-mail address is required. Upon approval, ID Cards will be emailed directly to the guest.
Ex: 01/01/2021

Ex: 01/01/2021

The number of days you will be using the Club facilities during your visit ($200 daily fee applies)
Please Note: If guest's address is outside of the USA, please call (843) 527-6020 to submit an application by phone.
Address where guest will reside.
By clicking here you agree to the $200 daily Amenity Fee to utillize the Club facilities. If you have questions, call the Club Office at (843)527-6020.
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