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General Club Rules

  1. The Club and its facilities shall be open on the days and during the hours as may be established from time to time by the Board of Governors.
  2. Alcoholic beverages will not be served or sold, nor permitted to be consumed, on the premises during hours prohibited by law. No alcoholic beverages will be sold or served to any person not permitted to purchase the same under the laws of the State of South Carolina.
  3. Except as permitted by the Board of Governors, no commercial advertisements shall be posted or circulated in the Club, nor shall business of any kind be solicited or transacted on the property of the Club nor on the Club’s stationery.
  4. Other than as permitted by the Board of Governors, no petition shall be originated, solicited, circulated, or posted within the Clubhouse, the Beach Club, or on any other property of the Club.
  5. It is contrary to the policy of the Club to have its facilities used for fundraising efforts for the benefit of a political cause or organized religious services, except as specifically permitted by the board of Governors.
  6. Employees of the Club are not permitted to deliver food or liquor to locations away from the immediate area of the Clubhouse or the Beach Club without the permission of the Club management.
  7. Outside catering is not permitted at any time. All food and beverages consumed on the properties of the Club must be furnished by the Club. The only exceptions to this rule are when a member or members rent the recreation center, they are allowed to furnish their own food and beverages although they are not allowed to use an outside caterer.
  8. Members may not request special personal services from on-duty Club employees including the use of secretarial services, the use of the Club’s copying machine for personal purposes, or the personal use of Club property i.e. tables, linen, chafing dishes, etc.
  9. Children under 12 years of age are not permitted in the men’s or women’s locker rooms unless accompanied by an adult. Children under 12 years of age are not allowed in the Clubhouse or Beach Club unless accompanied or supervised by an adult.
  10. Dogs, other than seeing-eye dogs, and other pets are not permitted on the Club’s premises.
  11. The Club roster or list of members shall not be used or given to anyone by a Club member for any reason whatsoever and shall be furnished only to members.
  12. Vehicles must be parked in appropriate parking spaces and must not be parked in Club driveways or grass areas.
  13. Parking in the Club parking lots at the Clubhouse and the Beach Club is restricted to Club members, their guests, and authorized lease guests.
  14. A member must use his/her membership number for all transactions.
  15. Club dues are payable quarterly in advance; all other annual fees are paid in advance.
  16. All food and beverage services and other Club fees charged to the member’s Club account shall be deemed delinquent if not paid within 30 days after the date of the monthly statement. Past due bills will accrue a one-and-one half percent (1.5%) service charge per month from the date of the statement until paid in full.
  17. When an account of a member is ten (10) days delinquent, a letter will notify the member that if the account is not current within twenty (20) days, the member’s name and amount of delinquency will be posted on the official bulletin board of the Club. When a member’s name is posted, a registered letter will advise the member of that fact, and provide notice that if the account if not current within thirty (30) days, membership privileges will be suspended. When an account is sixty (60) days delinquent, the member’s privileges will be suspended and a registered letter will be sent advising of that fact. The member privileges will remain suspended until the account is current and all fees will continue to accrue during the suspension. When a member has been suspended three (3) times, the member will receive a letter from the President of the Club inviting the member to appear before the Board of Governors to explain why the member should not be expelled from the Club.
  18. Dinner reservations are required. To maintain service levels, members are asked to make reservations before 5 p.m. on the day involved. For a party of ten (10) or more, a minimum additional twenty-four (24) hours’ notice is requested, and it is further suggested that a set menu be arranged for larger parties whenever possible. Changes or cancellations in reservations are required no later than 12 noon on the day involved. If a reservation is not canceled before 12 noon, a $20.00 charge per person shall be added to the members account.
  19. Reservations are required for most Club activities and are taken on a first come, first served basis by preregistration with the Club staff.
  20. A service charge of 15% will be added to all food and beverage charges that are accrued by a dependent member and a service charge of 20% will be added to all food and beverage charges unless charged by the member. The fee for all banquet or catering charges is 20%.
  21. Members will be required to sign tickets for all charges or use approved credit cards. No cash will be accepted except at such places as may be approved by the Board of Governors from time to time.
  22. No cash tipping is permitted by Club members except with respect to parking, locker room attendants, and golf cart attendants.
  23. In November, the President customarily sends a letter giving members an opportunity to contribute to a Holiday Fund for employees and a suggested contribution, of which payment will be voluntary and will be included on each member’s November bill. There are many people employed by the Club, ranging from those in Clubhouse services to golf course maintenance, and this policy provides the membership with an opportunity to show its appreciate of their efforts. The Board of Governors is responsible for distributing these funds.
  24. Dress code regulations is as follows:
    • Beach Club: Gentlemen Appropriate attire includes: Collared shirts are appropriate and must be tucked in, unless the apparel is designed to be worn untucked. Jackets are not required. Dress slacks and dress denim (without holes/tears/rips and in good condition). Long pants are preferred but not required. All hats must be removed before entering. Shoes are required at all times. Ladies Appropriate attire includes: Dresses, slacks, dress denim (without holes, tears or rips and in good condition), shorts and skirts no shorter than 5 inches above the knee. Shoes are required at all times. *Please note that the dress code also applies to children. 
    • Clubhouse: For Lunch, Dinner and Beverage services in the Marsh Grille, Turn Room, Card Rooms and Porch, casual sports attire (golf and tennis) and denim are allowed. Shoes must be worn at all times. Bathing suits & coverups are not allowed in the Marsh Grille or on the Porch. Men must remove hats in the Clubhouse dining area. The same dress code applies to children.
    • Blue Heron & Gazebo: Appropriate attire for gentlemen would include a shirt. Appropriate attire for ladies would be a beach coverup or shorts and a shirt. Appropriate attire is strongly preferred during the day; However, it becomes Mandatory after 6 PM.
    • In All Circumstances: Smart Casual Required.
  25. Each member shall be responsible for filing with the Club Controller in writing his or her mailing address, and any changes thereto, to which the member wishes all notices and invoices of the Club to be sent. A member shall be deemed to have received mailings from the Club ten (10) days after they have been mailed to the address on file with the Controller.
  26. All complaints, criticisms, or suggestions of any kind relating to any of the Club’s operations must be in writing, signed, and addressed to the Club Manager.
  27. It is unacceptable for any member or guest to verbally or otherwise abuse any of the Club employees. All Club service employees are under the ultimate supervision of the General Manager, and no member or guest shall reprimand or discipline any employee or send any employee off the Club premises for any reason. Any employee not rendering courteous and prompt service should be reported to the General Manager immediately.
  28. Employees are instructed to report any rules of violation to the General Manager.
  29. Violations of any of these rules or conduct in a manner prejudicial to the best interests of the Club will subject the member to disciplinary action in accordance with the By-Laws of the Club.
  30. The Board of Governors reserves the right to amend or modify these rules when necessary and will notify the membership of any change.
  31. All Club buildings are smoke free.
  32. All rules and regulations contained herein shall be subject to and controlled by the applicable provisions of the By-Laws of the Club.

Lessee Privileges

  1. Members may designate the lessee of their residential unit in DeBordieu as the beneficial user of the member membership upon approval by the Club and payment of any fees established from time to time by the Board of Governors.
  2. The lessee is responsible for the payment of all charges incurred at the Club. The member shall be fully responsible for payment of all charges incurred by a lessee that are not paid to the Club for the deportment of the lessee.
  3. The DeBordieu Colony Real Estate Rental Office shall provide the Club, in advance on a weekly basis, a list of all leased residential units in DeBordieu. This list which will be provided to the Golf Pro Shop, the Tennis Pro Shop, and the Club dining facilities shall contain the following:
    • a.    The lease reservation number;
    • b.    the leased unit number and telephone number;
    • c.    the dates of occupancy;
    • d.    the category of Club membership for the unit, and
    • e.    the names of all the lease guests occupying the leased residential unit.
  4. Membership privileges will terminate on the earlier of the expiration of the lease term of the membership use privileges.
  5. A lessee shall be entitled to the same rights to use the facilities as the lessor member, with the exception that a lessee may not secure a golf tee time before 12:00 noon on Saturdays or holidays, upon payment of the appropriate fees and charges as may be established by the Board of Governors, from time to time.
  6. The member of the Club may not use the facilities of the Club while the lessee has membership use privileges.