DeBordieu Tennis & Fitness Pickleball Program

Who We Are

Our pickleball program is the natural result of the popularity of pickleball among tennis and racquet sport players at clubs throughout the United States.  For the past several years our club at DeBordieu has received a lot of interest regarding pickleball courts and instruction.  From our humble beginnings in lining 2 of our hard courts for dual pickleball/tennis use, we now have 2 full time state-of-the-art pickleball only courts along with 2 full time dedicated courts with pickleball nets on an adjoining tennis court.  

The goal for our pickleball program is to build a strong pickleball club for players of all ages with a commitment to programs and clinics designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.


What We Do

Our emphasis is to ensure that all players have an enjoyable pickleball experience.  We offer programs (lessons, clinics, open play) for all skill levels and ages with dedicated professional and certified pickleball instructors.


Our Facilities

Our courts are professionally maintained, state of the art with available locker rooms, towel service, beverages, and more.  Members can reserve court time and private instruction by calling the Tennis and Fitness Center at 843-546-9408.

Private Lessons

Pickleball lessons are a great way to improve your game! The sessions support players training for specific events or working towards predetermined goals.

Beginners can learn proper techniques right from the start and avoid creating bad habits. Lessons will give you the confidence to get involved in the sport. Private lessons can help even the most experienced player fine tune his/her game.

Beginner & Intermediate Clinics

Learn all the basics of pickleball from our experienced professional instructors.

Whether you have never held a paddle before, or are an experienced racquet sports player, this class will teach you everything you need to get started playing the fastest growing sport in the country!

We begin by building a firm foundation. You will learn the basic shots: dinks, volleys, ground strokes, serves and service returns. The basic rules and scoring are also taught.

Over the course of the session we build on this foundation by further developing basic techniques. You will learn the overhead smash and the lob shots. Proper court position, doubles strategy, shot selection and score keeping are covered in depth.

Actual game situations are covered, and of course, lots of games are played. Our instructors make it a fun learning environment.

Paddles and balls are provided. Athletic shoes and comfortable clothing are required.

The $15 fee (non-members pay $20) includes an hour of instruction. For you to enjoy the best learning experience we limit the number of students. Therefore, advance registration is necessary.
  • Days & Times – TBA
An entire hour of skill-building drills is what you’ll receive during our intermediate clinic. For the experienced pickleball player looking to improve his/her shot skills and overall pickleball game. This clinic has a heavy emphasis on drills and practice game situations.

Subject matter will include drills to work on the following skills:
  • Serve and service return
  • Third shot drops and drives
  • Dinking and dinking strategy
  • Volleys and Overheads
  • Lobs and lob defense
  • Proper court positioning
  • Doubles game strategies
Our instructors have an extensive tournament and teaching background. We emphasize both fun, skill improvement and game play.

Balls are provided. 3.0/3.5 skill level required.

The $15 fee (non-members pay $20) includes an hour of instruction. For you to enjoy the best learning experience we limit the number of students. Therefore, advance registration is necessary.
  • Day & Times - TBA