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Fitness Rules, Rates & Hours


The Tennis & Fitness Club features a Gym with state of the art equipment including treadmills (3), shoulder press, chest press, lateral cross trainer, elliptical cross trainer, seated elliptical cross trainer, functional trainer, lateral pull, seated leg extension, prone leg curl, abduction, horizontal leg press, recumbent & upright cycles, and dumbbell weights.  In the spacious  Fitness Studio, fitness programs are delivered by a group of highly educated, skilled and professionally certified trainers and instructors specializing in core training, exercise physiology, yoga, sport conditioning and personal training. We are implementing the following rules and policies to better enhance the fitness experience of Members and their guests/lease guests. Only Members and their guests/lease guests are allowed use of the Fitness facilities. Members are responsible for informing all family members and guests of these rules & policies. 


All Members and Guests must sign-in at the reception desk and pay appropriate fees, if applicable. 

Member Fees:
NO CHARGE for Gym access for all membership types.
Program fees for members are $8 per person per fitness class.

*Guest Fees:
Daily Guest fees are $12 per person for accompanied guests (member is present) and $15 per person for unaccompanied guests (member is not present).  

Daily Guest fee includes Gym access and same day participation in one fitness class.  Presenting a Guest Account ID Card will expedite check-in.

Weekly Gym Guest Pass:
Optionally guests, accompanied or unaccompanied, may select to pay a weekly fee of $50 per person which does not include any program fees.

Passes are for Gym access only for 7 consecutive days from purchase date and are non-transferable. 

Payment Options:
Payment can be made by Member/Guest Account number or Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard). NO CASH or CHECKS accepted.

Age Requirements:

The Fitness Center may be used by members & their guests aged 15 and up.
Children aged 15-17 can utilize the Fitness Center only when accompanied by an adult.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday 8 AM - 5 PM
Sunday 10 AM - 5 PM


***The Club sponsored programs will have priority in scheduling use of the facilities and only Club approved Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors are allowed. ***



Please sanitize your hands BEFORE entering the Gym and Fitness Studio.
Use the available wipes to IMMEDIATELY SANITIZE all areas of the gym equipment that come in contact with any part of your body and clothing.  


  • CALL 911 for any and all EMERGENCIES. Emergency Phones which directly connect to a 911 operator are located in the Gym and Fitness Studio.

  • All personal injuries and accidents must be reported to the staff or manager immediately. Any accidents will be recorded and reported to management.

  • Do not bring your gym bag or other personal belongings into the fitness areas. Please use the provided storage areas located just outside the Fitness Studio door for these items. 

  • Exercise at your own risk.  The Club assumes no responsibly for any injuries that may occur.


  • No food is permitted in the fitness center. 

  • Water must be in a spill-proof container.  (Only water is allowed in the Gym and Fitness Studio)

  • Using available wipes sanitize all equipment & machines immediately after use.

  • Please adhere to a 30 minutes time limit on all cardiovascular machines when others are waiting.

  • Please allow others to "work in" between sets on strength machines.


  • Cell phones must be on the Silent or Vibrate mode while on the Club grounds.

  • If you need to speak on your cell phone, please move to an area that would lessen interference with others using the facilities.

  • Personal music devices should be used with headphones.


Members are responsible for ensuring that they and their family/guests are properly attired. The staff reserves the right to deny access to the Tennis & Fitness Club if a person’s attire is considered unsafe or inappropriate. Please do not wear shoes with dirt or clay from the street or tennis courts into the Tennis & Fitness Club.  For your convenience, water-filled shoe cleaning stations are located at the front and rear entrances to the Tennis & Fitness Club. In particular, black-soled shoes are not permitted in the Fitness Studio.