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IMPORTANT:  Each member and spouse must have a different email address in the Club's database to complete the registration process.  The billing history will only appear when the Primary member on the account has registered.

Enter your Member Number, First name and Last name.

A SPOUSE'S MEMBER NUMBER for the registration process: Add a dash and the numbers zero and one (-01) to the end of the Primary member number when registering.  

See example below.

                                 Primary Member             Spouse Member

Member Number:         9999                                 9999-01
First Name:                   John                                 Jane
Last Name:                   Doe                                   Doe

When finished, click on “Validate”.

‚ÄčIf the information entered does not match 
exactly what is in our club’s system, you will be unable to register. If you continue experiencing issues, please contact the Club Office at (843)527-6020 or email Dori Laffin at for assistance.  


Member Validation
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